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Research & Development

R&D highlights are:

Process Dynamics & Control
  • analysis of thermal power plant control system design and performance
  • analysis of plant response to power system requirements (frequency support)
  • advanced control concepts application
  • simulation of power plant dynamics, application of detailed and low order models
  • expert system for on-line stress evaluation in thermal power plants
Energy Planning and Policy
Energy Management and Economics
  • cost analysis
  • energy efficiency
  • power plant optimisations, ACOM tool
  • cogeneration optimisation, µCogen tool
Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • implementation of combustion and radiation models into SWIFT/FIRE http://powerlab.fsb.hr/avl/
  • modeling of casting, flows in turbines, wind mesoscale models, FLUENT
  • OpenFOAM cooperation
  • 3D mathematical modeling of processes in furnace, in house ZONAL code
  • CFD numerical methods for calculating turbulent flow ship wave resistance modelling http://powerlab.fsb.hr/combustionCFD/
Fluid Mechanics
  • experimental methods
  • steady and unsteady fluid flow hydrodynamic modeling in pipelines networks
  • ship hydrodynamics
  • ship wave resistance, experimental and numerical methods
Combustion Engineeering
  • NOx pollutant model for AVL code 'FIRE'
  • Eulerian spray modelling
  • autoignition modelling
Enviromental Management
  • water treatment
  • wastewater treatment
  • waste treatment
  • air pollution control
  • climate change policy
Power equipment design
  • turbomachinery
  • furnaces and waste heat boilers
  • burners
  • ejectors
  • combustors
Power plant design and optimisation
  • thermal power plants
  • hydro power plants
  • cogeneration plants
  • wind power plants
  • geothermal power plants
  • solar PV power plants
  • hydrogen power plants
  • biomass power plants and cogeneration plants
  • power plant control

Research projects:

Projects Financed by Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, since 2006
Projects Financed by Croatian science foundation:
Projects Financed by The Danish Council for Strategic Research:
Projects Financed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development:
Projects Financed by European Commission


  • INA d.d.
  • Tvornica šećera Osijek d.o.o.
  • Energy agency of the Republic of Macedonia
  • HEP

Research projects, archive:

Projects Financed by Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, 1991-1996
Projects Financed by Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, 1996-2002
Projects Financed by Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, 2002-2006