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Assoc.prof.dr.sc Dražen Lončar
Power Engineering and Energy Management Chair

Assoc.prof.dr.sc Daniel Rolph Schneider
Chair of Turbomachinery

Assoc.prof.dr.sc Željko Tuković
Chair of Water and Environmental Engineering

Assoc.prof.dr.sc Slaven Dobrović
Fluid Mechanics Chair

Prof.dr.sc. Zdravko Virag
Power Engineering Laboratory

Dr.sc. Ankica Đukić
Hydromechanics & Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory

Prof.dr.sc. Mario Šavar
Water Treatment, Fuel & Lubricants Laboratory

Assoc.prof.dr.scDavor Ljubas
Student Computer Workshop

The Department was found in 1971 by joining Power Plants Technology Chair and Hydromechanics and Hydromachinery Chair under the auspices of prof.dr.sc. Marko Majcen. His spirit of selecting and bringing together young talents and his care for scientific and professional advancement have laid down the foundations of the Department.

Since 1978 the Power Engineering Department was led by:

  • Prof.dr.sc. Ladislav Kreuh (1978-80)
  • Prof.dr.sc. Mijo Mustapić (1980-84, 1988-90)
  • Prof.dr.sc. Marko Majcen (1984-88)
  • Prof.dr.sc. Nikola Šerman (1990-2002)
  • Prof. dr.sc. Željko Bogdan (2002-2012)
  • Prof. dr.sc. Zvonimir Guzović (since October 2012)
In 1997 Chair of Ecology, Water, Fuel and Lubricants split from the Power Plants Technology Chair and the Chair of Hydromechanics and Hydromachinery split in Turbomachinery Chair and Fluid Mechanics Chair.